Our CSR commitments through the words of our CEO, Thibault BLIN : 


« Faced with the challenges of climate, technology, and geopolitical instability, we must face the facts: as a company, we have a major role to play and we must set an example. It is up to us to create a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable way of growth for future generations.

For several years, ACENSI has been working to anchor these human, social and environmental values at the heart of its activities. For us, our commitments must be meaningful and, above all, concrete actions.

This requires us to review our strategy in order to better involve all our employees while taking into account local particularities. We are determined to move forward together and leverage the strengths of each of our agencies to meet our increasingly ambitious CSR objectives as effectively as possible. » ​


All our actions are included in our CSR report available by clicking below :


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Being an inspiring actor


Our core values are based on this word, "Inspire"... Our goal ? To embody trust for our stakeholders, both external and internal, and to set an example for others to follow.


This is why we apply the principle of transparency, by communicating our indicators and our actions. 


By relying on these requirements, we are helping to create a virtuous circle of shared values and aspirations.


Do you share this desire and want to join an inspiring company ?

Join us !

Our societal values