Preserving a sustainable environment is at the heart of our concerns


Our ambition? To transform the risks associated with our impact on the environment into opportunities.

We are taking concrete action and involving our entire ecosystem: employees, service providers, partners, suppliers and committed external stakeholders.

We have been ISO 14001 certified since November 2021. This certification rewards our efforts to manage our environmental impact.


Progressing towards a low-carbon approach​​


Calculating our carbon footprint is part of our ongoing good practices, and we aim to set ourselves more ambitious targets each year. ​


This means taking concrete action on :


  • TAKING ACTION to reduce our waste
  • RESPONDING to energy challenges
  • REDUCE the ecological and social footprint of digital technology


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Taking action to reduce our waste


We are all invovled in waste management and encourage all our employees to take an active part in selective sorting, whether in France or in our international agencies.


We strive to work with service providers who share our values and who contribute to our daily improvement.


Our actions : ​


  • Provide reusable utensils

  • Reducing the number of printers, and raising staff awareness of the environmental impact of paper printing

  • Better manage our WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) by choosing more responsible and repairable equipment.


Meeting energy challenges

The drive for energy transition is encouraging companies to find new energy-saving measures to meet the challenges.

Our aim is to increase the proportion of renewable energy consumed within the Group and considerably reduce our energy consumption by 2030.


Our actions : ​


  • Introducing energy-efficient workstations and servers

  • Optimising and improving the energy consumption of our premises through better management of air conditioning and heating

  • Providing electric bicycles for our employees


Regular awareness-raising campaigns are run to educate our entire ecosystem about everyday eco-actions.



Reducing the ecological and social footprint of digital technology


​The digital sector currently accounts for 3 to 4% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and 2.5% of France's carbon footprint*. ​

As an digital services corporation, our main challenge is to reduce the weight of digital technology and its waste.


Our actions : ​


  • Recycle all our IT equipment

  • Rationalise the weight of our files and emails sent

  • Systematising Green IT practices


Our Sustainability Committe, made up of various players in the IT sector, enables us to address this issue, taking into account the strategic, financial and ethical aspects of Green IT.


*Source ADEME