Through our diversity and inclusion policies, we aim to value and respect individual differences in the workplace.

We see this as a lever for innovation and development, but also and above all, as a way of engaging with our employees.

These are not just moral values. They are essential for encouraging initiative, stimulating creativity and fostering the positive working culture that we want to promote at ACENSI.


Our actions on this subject are to : ​


  • Strengthen the role of women

  • Combating discrimination and encouraging diversity

  • Professional integration of disabled employees


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Strengthening the role of women

As a source of development and innovation, gender diversity is a priority of our social policy, which aims in particular to strengthen the position of women within the company.

In 2022, 30% of our employees are women.


By 2030, we aim to have 50% of our workforce made up of women, and to have at least one-third women in top management positions.

Find our Gender Equality Index here 


Gender parity in the digital sector is the subject of a working group as part of our Sustainability Committe led by our ambassadors!



Combating discrimination and encouraging diversity


ACENSI has the chance to be one of the companies employing men and women of different ages, cultures and origins. ​


Aware of this richness, we take great care to combat stereotypes and discrimination in the face of difference, and to guarantee professional equality for all our employees.


All our recruitment managers are committed to promoting equal opportunities and combating discrimination in recruitment, by signing our Recruitment Policy, which sets out the rules for fair recruitment and our 18 prohibited discrimination criteria.


Professional integration of disabled employees

All our employees, and especially our HR departments, are aware of the need to recruit people with disabilities. Our advertisements are published on AGEFIPH.


Our recruitment and all our training courses and premises are able to accommodate people with disabilities and offer adapted equipment depending on the situation.